Salvator Dining Table, Alberto Bar, Hareeyo Rug

Holidays are not just a time of joy, celebration, great food and togetherness.  They somehow prompt for each one of us a thorough wrap-up of our year, along with big dreaming and elated resolutions for the new year starting.

So, to wrap up 2014 for Cliff Young Ltd, we have a few things to brag about:  each year we challenge our design “comfort zone” and break from the beaten paths of design, whether in style, engineering, use of materials, functionality.  In 2014 there was no comfort zone: our first ever Signature Rug Collection came out, inspired by art, nature and a very organic fibers we’ve been working with, and received a warm editorial welcome.  Our signature furniture designs continued the vision of our 45th Anniversary Collection last year, looking back to our design roots and family roots of the company.  The Salvator dining table, the Alberto cocktail bar, the Jillian bed, the Pappachio unit, are all in subtle ways nodding to past influences that are meaningful for us in both design and family ways.  The Live Edge Burl table won the NYC&G Award for Innovation in Product Design, and the CY Rocks Agate cocktail table made it to the finals of the Interior Design Best of Year 2014 Award.

What is on our resolve list for 2015?  A lot, starting again with our Signature Collection.  Our new Zen Rug Collection is in production, arriving spring-summer 2015.  The new furniture designs in development right now are dynamic, sexy, with even more thoughtful functionality, outrageous materials, and a thinking behind in sync with the way we live these days.  Somehow, while the essence of luxury has been the same through every design era, the concepts of luxury, comfort and well-being are re-invented and re-defined every year, through their little details (where God apparently dwells…) Feeling good at home, feeling at home is an art, that requires staying in tune with every development in lifestyles, from fashion to technology.

Talking about details…  We love to be inspired by the wood grain – some of the details nature created are more exquisite than anything man-made. Woods and veneers are constant sources of inspiration for us.  Rosewood, macassar ebony, paldao, eucalyptus, mozambique, with their out of this world colors and grain.


Or the unspoiled beauty of walnut, teak, or reclaimed woods…

Boxeo desk  teak table live edge burl

Most exciting on our design resolutions list, some of our most loved and appreciated signature designs have made it to the short list of top sellers.  Keeping in tune with the large demand, we will be launching an exclusive, limited edition series of our top best sellers, which is not only sending us to the drawing board for an even smarter engineering, but will make the pricing so much more accessible.  Stay tuned for the 2015 limited editions of the Boxeo deskCassidy nightstands, and a new improved self of the Cassidy bed.

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