A New Generation in Green, May 14, 2013

Join Green Drinks NYC and Cliff Young Ltd.
for a fabulous night of green design
May 14, 2013

Green Drinks NYC and Cliff Young Ltd. invite you to “A New Generation in Green”, an educational evening featuring green furniture designs by the students of the NY School of Interior Design. The student exhibit of furniture drawing and models is part of the Cliff Young Tribute Mentorship Program, launched this April in honor of their founder and the company’s 45th Anniversary. It will be introduced by Leslie Young, with a brief address by Ethan Lu, NYSID.

A New Generation in Green

Cliff Young Ltd. is proud and happy to showcase the student furniture design projects. The NYSID furniture design studio provides and examines all aspects of designing bot hard and soft furnishings, from the initial concept to design, refinement, reevaluation and finally the finished design for presentation and prototyping on the laser cutter. This furniture design studio covers topics such as antropometrics and ergonomics, sustainability, international manufacturing practices with a review of the history of modern furniture design. Additionally, our current MFA students are required to take an introduction to Sustainability lecture course during their first year sequence where they learn about the importance of material reduce, reuse and recycle as well as material upcycling.

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