Making it Memorable

There are many tricks of the trade in interior design and each designer develops his or her own trade secrets, with every room they design.  Tonight, we’ll learn from Michael Boodro and the incredible designers he invited on his panel what it takes to make a room memorable.

It all starts with their clients and the dream house they fantasize about, with the way they live, with family heirlooms they hold dear or not, with what they want to change in their lives and what inspires them.  It also starts with the eye of the professional scrutinizing every inch of space and listening to their clients and absorbing their wish lists, their dream, their challenges with the current home design…

An interesting alchemy then starts taking place, with the designers processing all this in the ineffable and mysterious melting pot of the creative process, until a room starts to take shape, answering every wish and solving every challenge.

It is a process that never ceases to amaze us, and we never tire to listen to great designers, to decipher the underlying magic of design and understand the mechanics, if any, of great design and how it all unveils…

We look forward to tonight and hope you are joining us.

Book signings will follow the panel.

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