Dining glamour

Great design should be nurturing our spirit and enhance our wellbeing.  Great dining design even more so.  With spring beckoning a new zest for life and fresh standards for our well being, glamorous dining styles aim for new heights.  We want our lifestyle to be the best it can be, we want our homes to make us happy when we walk in, we want our family dinners to make our life feel luxurious and say “la vita e bella”.

Essence dining table

But what exactly is nurturing in great design? great question…

Is it its inherent balance and sense of harmony that raises our “feeling good” levels? Then we must agree with the old Feng Shui masters that a good life is all about harmonizing the energies.  We also must agree with them (and with our mothers) when they say clutter in design is no good.

Great design is about editing and refining and editing and refining again, until no superfluous details hang about for no reason, until we get a glimpse of what the golden ratio must have meant, until simplicity shines and functionality is a breeze.

Aria table

Glamorous dining, these days, can be anything from a hearty, simplest meal shared with friends, to an elaborate dish of three salad petals ensnared with a fruity dressing and a shrimp… ideally, also shared with friends.

Contour chair

Similarly, glamorous dining furniture design can be anything from an old chair at a church sale with a fresh coat of finish, to elaborate, international award winning designs that went through painstaking development and prototyping stages, again, just to be simplified, and edited, and refined to bare beauty.

dining table Italy

Dine like a pro

Simple, least processed foods are best to share.  No man-made food will ever equal mother-nature’s bounty in taste, colors, design or sophistication.  For dining furniture, go for pieces that are most in line with your sense of tradition and classic design, or for those that are most in line with your sense of adventure and your level of rebellion against the design status quo.  Go bold and make a statement, or go utilitarian and pretend you’re all about comfort, when in fact you want both.

dining table

The main idea is to enjoy the food and the company, feel nurtured and nourished, feel that your well being and your quality of life are way high up and all is good with the world…

Sur dining chair

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